Trades & technology training

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Trades training

Our paid technical and trades-related training programs include indentured apprenticeships and non-indentured apprenticeships. Employment in these programs provides the opportunity to receive job training and work experience leading to journeyman status and post-journeyman development.

Indigenous pre-placement programs

We have 3 Indigenous pre-placement programs that are for Indigenous candidates who do not meet the minimum academic qualifications of our trades training programs. The pre-placement programs provide individuals with paid academic upgrading and on-the-job training and experience. They are 6 to 10 months and there is no guarantee of ongoing employment upon completion.

We are committed to strengthening working relationships with Indigenous communities and increasing the participation of Indigenous people in our workforce. In addition to providing assistance and support to their clients, these organizations also provide referrals on behalf of applicants:

Technology training programs

We offer 2-year technology-related training programs that include guided field experience gained by rotation through various departments and approximately 1,100 hours of classroom and hands-on learning.

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