Information technology

Annual salary: $47,073.25 to $63,082.50

This comprehensive career development program is designed to provide recent graduates with the skills, knowledge, and experience to transition from an academic to a business setting effectively. During the 2-year program, you will be assigned to various areas of the corporation, with challenging rotational assignments specifically designed to complement your academic qualifications.

Assignments will last approximately 6 months. Your interests will be considered along with the needs of the various departments in determining individual assignments.


  • business and engineering application development and support;
  • personal computing services support;
  • network design and administration;
  • database management and administration;
  • server management and administration;
  • security and architecture.


Potential candidates must:

  • have a bachelor's of science degree in computer science or computer engineering from a recognized university;
  • have a 2-year diploma in business information technology, computer programming from a recognized college.

Recruitment process

Applications must include the following information:

  • current resumé and cover letter;
  • post secondary school transcripts.

If you are interested in this program, set up a job alert from your profile by selecting "Information Technology" as your area of interest and enter a few key words describing this program.

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