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Power Line Technician Training Program

Power Line Technicians construct, maintain and repair electrical power transmission and distribution systems:

  • Build and maintain wood poles and steel structures, operate switches, transformers and associated electrical equipment.
  • Install pad-mounted equipment and underground high voltage and low voltage power cables.
  • Splice and terminate high voltage power cables.
  • Connect and maintain overhead and underground transformers, distribution centres and locate underground power cables.
Thumbnail and link to Power Line Technician: The Career of a Lifetime video

Power Line Technician: The Career of a Lifetime

Running time (6:48)

Learn about the careers of Manitoba Hydro Power Line Technicians in their own words:

"This is easily the coolest job. Hanging 30 feet up in the air and climbing on cross arms with nothing holding you up but a little piece of leather. It's awesome. Awesome."

Play video: Power Line Technician: The Career of a Lifetime.

As a Power Line Technician Trainee you will participate in a four-year apprenticeship program that includes on-the-job training and ten weeks of competency based trade schools. Before you receive a Journeyman's certificate, you must attend a one-week skill evaluation session to prove your competency in the trade.

The ongoing development of new technology in the electrical industry makes it necessary for Power Line Technicians to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Educational Qualifications:

High school graduate with the following subjects:

  • Mathematics 40S (Applied or Pre-Calculus) or Math 300;
  • Physics 30S or Physics 200;
  • English 40 or English 300/301.

Aboriginal candidates who do not meet these qualifications may be interested in our six month Aboriginal Line Trades Pre-Placement Program. This program provides selected Aboriginal candidates with educational assistance to upgrade to the minimum academic requirements and on-the-job training to compete for a position in the Power Line Technician Training Program.

Candidates who do not qualify for the Aboriginal Pre-Placement Program, but want to upgrade their high school education to meet the requirements for this program, can visit the Adult Learning and Literacy Branch for a list of Certified Adult Literacy Programs and Adult Learning Centres in Manitoba.

If you are interested in this program, set up a job alert from your profile by selecting "Trades" as your area of interest and enter a few key words describing this program.

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