About us

Manitoba Hydro is a Crown Corporation and the province’s major energy utility. From our head office in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, we:

The governance of the Corporation is through the Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board.

We will conduct Manitoba Hydro’s activities in a lawful, responsible and ethical manner, so that our reputation for honesty, integrity and the faithful performance of our obligations is maintained and enhanced.

Our mission

We create value for Manitobans by meeting our customers’ expectations for the delivery of safe, reliable energy services at a fair price.

Strategic priorities:

  • restore financial sustainability;
  • deliver an excellent customer experience;
  • engage employees in our transformation;
  • respect & support Indigenous peoples in all aspects of our business.

Foundational principles:

  • safety;
  • environmental leadership;
  • respectful engagement with communities and stakeholders;
  • respect for each other.