Code of Conduct

We will conduct Manitoba Hydro's activities in a lawful, responsible and ethical manner, so that our reputation for honesty, integrity and the faithful performance of our obligations is maintained and enhanced.

How We Do Business: Manitoba Hydro's Code of Conduct (PDF, 1.8 MB).

Principles of the Code

  1. Safety
    We provide a safe working environment.
    We will take all necessary steps to minimize the risk of sickness, disease, injury and death to employees and the public resulting from our operations and activities.
    Employees are responsible for taking all necessary actions to protect their personal safety, the safety of fellow workers and the public. These actions include:
    • following published safety policies and Life Saving Rules;
    • being qualified and authorized to do the work that has been assigned;
    • using all devices, articles of clothing and personal protective equipment provided;
    • coming to work free from the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol; and
    • refusing to perform work that is unsafe.
  2. Respect for Others
    We are respectful of all people with whom we interact.
    We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive and respectful work environment.
    We treat fellow employees with dignity and respect, and embrace diversity and equal opportunities. We will not tolerate harassment or discriminatory conduct.
  3. The Environment
    We are committed to protecting the environment.
    We plan and carry out our business activities in an environmentally responsible fashion, consistent with the principles of sustainable development.
  4. The Law
    We abide by the laws of Canada and of any other country in which the corporation does business.
  5. Open and Transparent
    We strive to be an open and transparent corporation.
    We protect the personal and medical information of employees and customers, and we all do our part to safeguard sensitive information from physical or cyber attack.
    We do not disclose to others the corporation's protected information, and will not deal with protected information belonging to another person without their permission.
  6. Public Reputation
    In dealings with public officials, we conduct ourselves in a manner that will not compromise, call into question, or cast doubt upon, the integrity or the reputation of the corporation or any public official.
    We adhere to truth in communications.
    When participating on external social media, we are careful not to disclose confidential information, and we follow the corporation's guidelines of conduct for participating online in a respectful and relevant way.
    We conduct ourselves appropriately at public events, particularly when we could be identified as employees of the corporation.
  7. Conflict of Interest
    We avoid situations that could result in a conflict of interest, or the perception of a conflict of interest, such as:
    • pursuing private interests that could improperly influence the performance of our employment duties; or
    • using a position with the corporation for personal gain.
  8. Gifts
    We exercise care in giving or accepting gifts and entertainment, and only give or accept a gift that:
    • is of a token nature and could not reasonably be interpreted as a bribe;
    • is within accepted norms of business practice;
    • is not cash, a gift certificate or a negotiable instrument;
    • is not for the purpose of influencing future business;
    • does not contravene any laws; and
    • would not embarrass the corporation if disclosed to the public.
    Accepting tickets to a sporting or community event can create negative public perceptions, and there are special requirements for tickets in corporate policy.
    Bribery of government officials whether in Canada or other countries is an offence under Canadian law, and will not be tolerated.
  9. Purchases
    We purchase goods and services based on sound business criteria, and an open and transparent purchasing process. Valid business criteria include price, quality, delivery, service, and duly approved purchasing preferences.
    We will negotiate purchases with a single supplier only if authorized by corporate policy, and avoid purchases that would subject the corporation to valid criticism.
  10. Fiscal Integrity
    Our financial accounts and records are maintained with integrity. We follow generally accepted accounting principles, and our financial records and reports accurately disclose all assets, liabilities and transactions. We will:
    • comply with all internal controls;
    • ensure that transactions and payments are approved, and supported with appropriate documentation; and
    • record transactions consistent with their nature and business purpose.
  11. Corporate Resources
    We use corporate resources for business purposes only.
    We will do our part to prevent fraud and the theft of corporate resources.
    We will not use corporate resources for political activities. We will not contribute corporate funds or corporate resources to support a candidate in an election, or campaign on corporation time.
  12. Fair Competition
    When participating in competitive activities, we compete vigorously and creatively, and our efforts are conducted in a lawful, responsible and fair manner in strict compliance with competition and market rules. We avoid the violation of the rules, and any conduct that could reasonably be perceived as a violation of the rules.

Reporting a violation

Suppliers and customers may report suspected violations of the Code to

Additional methods for reporting violations are set out in The Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act.

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