Code of Ethics

Manitoba Hydro's activities will be conducted in a lawful, responsible and ethical manner so that our reputation for honesty, integrity and the faithful performance of our undertakings and obligations are maintained and enhanced.

How We Conduct Business: Manitoba Hydro's Code of Ethics (PDF, 841 KB).

  1. The workplace

    The corporation ("we") will:

    • provide a safe working environment;
    • take all necessary steps to minimize the risk of sickness, disease, injury and death to our employees, contractors and members of the public resulting from our operations and activities; and,
    • not practice or tolerate any workplace-related discrimination, harassment, violence or reprisal.

    Employees are responsible for taking all necessary actions to protect themselves and their fellow workers, including refusing to perform work deemed to be unsafe.

  2. Abiding by the law

    We will at a minimum, observe the letter and spirit of the laws of Canada and any other country in which we carry on business.

  3. Competitive practices

    We will compete vigorously and creatively in our business activities, and our efforts will be conducted in a lawful, responsible, fair and ethical manner in strict compliance with competition and trade practice rules.

    Regardless of any local custom, we will not collude with any other person in restraint of trade or in violation of competition and trade practice rules.

    Prohibited activities include:

    • verbal or written agreements to limit market access or competitive pricing;
    • verbal or written agreements involving collusion not to buy from a supplier or sell to a customer; and,
    • the exchange of competitively sensitive information, including price or market share.
  4. Fraud, theft, and due process

    We will:

    • take all reasonable measures to prevent and deter fraud and the theft of Manitoba Hydro assets;
    • investigate allegations of fraud or theft in a thorough and consistent manner;
    • respect the privacy, dignity and reputation of our employees;
    • ensure that any employee suspected of fraud or theft is granted due process; and,
    • provide safe mechanisms for employees to report incidents without fear of reprisal.
  5. Release of corporate information

    We will at a minimum comply with all legal requirements to provide full and complete reporting to Government, regulatory agencies and the general public. When considering the release of information, employees should be aware of restrictions on the release of Protected Information.

  6. Unauthorized third party information

    We will not accept Protected Information from any source if there is reason to believe that it is confidential, non-public and that its release has not been authorized by the owner.

  7. Fiscal integrity

    Employees are expected to use the corporation's physical and financial assets in a manner that will preserve and maximize their value.

    We will comply with accepted accounting practices and established internal controls. Financial records will fully and accurately account for, and report, all assets, liabilities and transactions. Accordingly, no payment will be approved or made without adequate supporting documentation, and no payment is to be used for any purpose other than that which is recorded.

  8. Purchase of goods or services

    The purchase of goods and services is based on sound business criteria such as price, quality, quantity, delivery, service and duly approved purchasing preferences (for example, affirmative action programs).

    Purchasing decisions will not be based on favouritism, prejudice, preferential treatment or personal gain.

    The purchasing process will be open and transparent to all suppliers. A purchase will be negotiated with a single supplier only if authorized by policy.

    Purchases should not be made if Manitoba Hydro would be subject to valid criticism or embarrassment if the details of the purchase become public knowledge.

  9. Gifts

    We will not accept gifts or provide gifts to other persons unless the gift:

    • is of a token nature and could not reasonably be interpreted as a bribe;
    • is within accepted norms of business;
    • is not in cash or negotiable instruments;
    • does not contravene any laws; and,
    • would not embarrass the corporation if disclosed to the public.

    The corporation will not tolerate bribery in Canada or other countries. Bribery in Canada or other countries is an offence under Canadian law.

  10. Truth in communications

    We will adhere to truth in our communications.

  11. Dealings with public officials

    All dealings between the corporation and public officials will be conducted in a manner that will not compromise, call into question or cast doubt upon the integrity or the reputation of the corporation or any public official.

    Manitoba Hydro resources will not be used for political purposes (for example, to support a candidate in an election).

  12. Environmental responsibility

    We will plan and carry out our business activities in an environmentally responsible fashion, consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

  13. Respect for others

    We will be respectful of all people with whom we have dealings.

  14. Violation of this policy

    Any violation of this policy may lead to disciplinary action.

  15. Reporting violations of this policy

    If you believe that a breach of the Code of Ethics is taking place, Manitoba Hydro encourages you to report it.

    Manitoba Hydro also encourages suppliers and customers to report violations of this Code.

Who should I contact?

Contact a supervisor. However, if you believe the supervisor is involved in the violation, you may contact the next highest manager who is believed not to be involved.

You have other choices. Instead of a supervisor or manager, you may contact a bargaining unit representative, or the corporation's Integrity Officer:

Additional methods for reporting violations are set out in The Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act.

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