Great Falls Generating Station

Photo of Great Falls Generating Station

Great Falls Generating Station, built on the Winnipeg River, has the distinction of being the oldest hydroelectric generating station owned by Manitoba Hydro. First producing electricity in 1922 – and still in service today – the station was developed by the Winnipeg Electric Railway Company, an early forerunner of today’s electrical utility, Manitoba Hydro.


  • Construction started 1914 (halted due to WWI);
  • Construction restarted 1919;
  • Construction completed 1928;
  • Capacity 129 MW;
  • Average annual generation 750 million kWh;
  • Waterfall drop 17.7 metres;
  • Powerhouse 116 metres long;
  • 6 turbine generators (units) (each turns at 138.5 rpm);
  • First unit in service 1923;
  • Units’ discharge capacity 883 m3/s of water;
  • Forebay area 10 km2;
  • Forebay’s normal water level 247.5 metres;
  • Spillway length (with 4 gates) 80 metres;
  • Spillway’s discharge capacity 4,390 m3/s of water;
  • Transmission lines:
    • 4 115-kV to Pine Falls, Selkirk, and Winnipeg;
    • 1 66-kV to nearby mines.
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Winnipeg River generating stations: Great Falls

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