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Manitoba Hydro International Ltd.

Manitoba Hydro International Ltd. (MHI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro. MHI is composed of 5 divisions:

  • Manitoba Hydro International Utility Services;
  • Manitoba HVDC Research Centre;
  • WIRE Services;
  • Manitoba Hydro Telecom;
  • Manitoba Hydro International Maintenance Services.

In 2011, the divisions merged to form MHI to leverage their respective areas of expertise to enhance delivery of innovative products and services.

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Manitoba Hydro International Utility Services (MHIUS)

MHIUS has provided utility management, consulting, auditing, technical, training, and technology transfer services to electric and gas utility industries and energy market operations in over 75 countries. For 30 years, MHIUS has assisted clients to generate, transmit, and distribute electricity and natural gas efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.

MHIUS also assists clients in planning, development, construction, commissioning, operation, servicing, acquisition, commercialization, financing, and regulation of energy generation, transmission, and distribution assets.

Leveraging its international experience and the parent utility’s methods and technologies, MHIUS offers customized services, sustainable results, and true value to clients. MHIUS is dedicated to creating lasting relationships, and collaborating closely with clients to achieve their specific needs and desired outcomes.

Visit the MHI Utility Services website.

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Manitoba HVDC Research Centre (MHRC)

MHRC is the world leader and provider of products and services in power system simulation and applied engineering. Evolving from a research organization focused on HVDC, MHRC provides practical and technically innovative solutions to meet today’s power system challenges.

Since 1993, clients have depended on MHRC products for simulation of electrical power systems, electronics, and technologies, and for testing of electrical transforming, protection, control, monitoring, and storage equipment and systems. Our PSCAD software and PSCAD-EMT simulation engine have become the industry’s leading transient study tool for simulation, modelling, and analysis, of power systems. MHRC provides full turnkey solutions and consultation on installation, maintenance, support, training, education, troubleshooting, and customization, as well as research and development, on PSCAD and PSCAD-EMT, including training services and technical support services on computer simulation of power systems by providing courses, classes, seminars, workshops, and webinars in computer simulation, and providing information on simulation, modelling, and analysis, of power systems. In addition, MHRC offers advanced software and hardware technologies to improve transmission system efficiency, including the dcLFL, acLFL, and nLFL products for location of faults along electrical conductors of different types and configurations of electrical systems, and Ice Vision for detection, measurement, and profiling, of ice accumulation on electrical conductors and assessment and prioritization of ice mitigation resources.

An experienced team of engineering professionals are available to meet clients’ needs. These experts provide solutions to the global power industry including engineering studies, equipment specifications, testing, and development, operation, and maintenance of power generation, transmission, and distribution, systems.

Visit the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre website.

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WIRE Services (WIRE)

WIRE assists clients in optimizing their transmission line assets. Since 2001, WIRE has assessed over 40,000 km of lines around the world.

As transmission line experts, WIRE provides clients in the electrical utility industry with turnkey solutions to satisfy the ever-growing demand for power. WIRE offers services including transmission line verification and design, route surveys and inspections, transmission line modelling, line sag management, upgrade engineering, vegetation analysis and management, thermal rating/re-rating analysis, transmission reporting, and asset maintenance support.

WIRE was the first utility-based company to integrate Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology for power utility applications.

Visit the WIRE Services website.

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Manitoba Hydro Telecom (MHT)

MHT is a facilities-based, carrier-class telecom service provider with a comprehensive network in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba. The network was originally designed to protect, monitor, and control the electric power system throughout Manitoba. The network connects customers with reliable access to broadband communication services.

Comprised of thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cable, the network is equipped with next generation Ethernet technology. This technology allows MHT to provide organizations with scalable broadband capacity and Internet access. MHT offers co-location services in data centres, and at Manitoba Hydro’s service centres and radio towers. These services are combined to create high-quality, unique network solutions.

Visit the Manitoba Hydro Telecom website.

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Manitoba Hydro International Maintenance Services (MHIMS)

MHIMS provides safe, efficient, and cost-effective high voltage electrical services within Manitoba and throughout North America. MHIMS’s areas of expertise include high voltage maintenance, engineering, project design, project and contract management, and material procurement.

MHIMS offers clients complete and comprehensive high voltage energy services, including energy monitoring solutions through the customizable Power Logistics Management System. MHIMS promotes the High Voltage Padmount Transformer (HVPT) Stations, a unique alternative to traditional substations, as well as the Insulation Engineering and Testing Services, available through Manitoba Hydro’s High Voltage Test Facility.

Visit the MHI International Maintenance Services website.