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Building Facts

  • Building size: 64,590 square metres (see Final Design);
  • Number of storeys: total of 22 including mechanical floor and podium which ranges from 2–3 storeys;
  • Building height: 115 m to top of solar chimney, 88.6 m to top of building, 98.6 m to top of penthouse;
  • Occupant capacity: 2,245 Manitoba Hydro employees plus tenant employees;
  • Parking: 152 spaces on one underground level (see more in Site Selection Criteria: Access to Nearby Parking);
  • Grand opening: September 29, 2009 (see Timeline & News Releases);
  • Energy savings: The building's target was for a 60 per cent reduction in energy consumption compared to the Canadian Model National Energy Code for Buildings. The goal was to attain LEED® Gold certification. It proved to be even more efficient than anticipated, achieving reductions in energy use of over 70 per cent. In May 2012, Manitoba Hydro Place received LEED® Platinum certification, making it the most energy efficient office tower in North America and the only office tower in Canada to receive this prestigious rating.
  • Building cost: $283 million.
  • Materials: Over 35,000 cubic metres of concrete are used in the building. That would fill more than 6,400 standard cement trucks.
  • Major challenge: As foundation work began in 2006, discovery of a rising water table forced the elimination of one underground level. Many of the systems originally planned for the basement had to be relocated to the building's mechanical penthouse. The building's foundation also had to be substantially redesigned. The integrated design process made it much easier to make these necessary, unforeseen changes.