Organization charts

We are a provincial Crown Corporation. The utility is governed through the Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board.

Our executive officers are:

The executive officers and their direct reports are outlined below.

President & CEO, Manitoba Hydro

Photo of Kelvin Shepherd

President & CEO
Kelvin Shepherd

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Generation & Wholesale

Photo of Lorne Midford

Vice-President, Generation & Wholesale
Lorne Midford

Photo of Hal Turner

Engineering Services
Hal Turner

Photo of John Kreml

Generation North
John Kreml

Photo of Bob Dandenault

Generation South
Bob Dandenault

Photo of Dave Bowen

Dave Bowen

Photo of Terry Miles

Power Planning
Terry Miles

Photo of David Cormie

Wholesale Power & Operations
David Cormie

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Human Resources & Corporate Services

Photo of Bryan Luce

Vice-President, Human Resources & Corporate Services
Bryan Luce

Photo of Scott Powell

Corporate Communications
Scott Powell

Photo of Brad Ireland

Corporate Services
Brad Ireland

Photo of Gary Maksymyk

Human Resources and Workplace Safety & Health
Gary Maksymyk

Photo of Rob Lanyon

Information Technology Services
Rob Lanyon

Photo of Shawna Pachal

MHI Senior Managing Director
Shawna Pachal

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Indigenous Relations

Photo of Ruth Kristjanson

Vice-President, Indigenous Relations
Ruth Kristjanson

Photo of Vicky Cole

Community Relations North (LWR/CRD)
Vicky Cole

Photo of Mark Sweeny

Community Relations South (Sask River/Wpg River/MMF)
Mark Sweeny

Photo of Deirdre Zebrowski

Policy & Strategic Initiatives
Deirdre Zebrowski

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Marketing & Customer Service

Photo of Siobhan Vinish

Vice-President, Marketing & Customer Service
Siobhan Vinish

Photo of Mark Prydun

Business Support
Mark Prydun

Photo of Paul Chard

Customer Care
Paul Chard

Photo of Cyril Patterson

Customer Service Operations (South Region)
Cyril Patterson

Photo of Dave Case

Customer Service Operations (Winnipeg & North Region)
Dave Case

Photo of Chuck Steele

Engineering & Construction
Chuck Steele

Photo of Lois Morrison

Marketing & Customer Service
Lois Morrison

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Photo of Shane Mailey

Vice-President, Transmission
Shane Mailey

Photo of Rob Elder

Bipole III Converter Stations
Rob Elder

Photo of Glenn Penner

Transmission Construction & Line Maintenance
Glenn Penner

Photo of Gerald Neufeld

Transmission Planning & Design
Gerald Neufeld

Photo of Quinn Menec

Transmission Stations Operations & Maintenance
Quinn Menec

Photo of Tony Clark

Transmission System Operations
Tony Clark

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Finance & Strategy

Photo of Jamie McCallum

Chief Finance & Strategy Officer
Jamie McCallum

Photo of Sandy Bauerlein

Sandy Bauerlein

Photo of Darrell Briscoe

Internal Audit
Darrell Briscoe

Photo of Gregory Barnlund

Rates & Regulatory
Gregory Barnlund

Photo of Joel Wortley

Strategic Business Integration
Joel Wortley

Photo of Susan Stephen

Susan Stephen

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General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Photo of Ken Tennenhouse

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Ken Tennenhouse

Photo unavailable

Assistant Corporate Secretary
Bob Bettner

Photo of Patti Ramage

Assistant General Counsel
Patti Ramage

Photo of Donna Paryniuk

Compliance Officer
Donna Paryniuk

Position vacant.

Human Rights & Respectful Workplace

Photo unavailable

Intellectual Property
Leo Wong

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