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Call Before You Dig — Line Location

Are you planning to build a fence? Or digging a hole for any reason? We can help you stay safe. Calling before you dig can prevent:

  • service outages;
  • equipment damage;
  • costly repairs;
  • environmental pollution;
  • personal injury or death.

Call before you dig to arrange for us to check and mark your property for electrical and/or natural gas lines. The service is free to locate Manitoba Hydro-owned underground facilities.

Call 1-888-MBHYDRO (1-888-624-9376) or in Winnipeg call 204-480-1212. Remember to also contact other utilities.

Manitoba Hydro is not a member of any external call/click before you dig services. You must call us directly before you excavate to mark all electrical and/or natural gas lines. We cannot accept email requests for appointments.

From April 1 to October 31, please call at least one week ahead to book an appointment. From November 1 to March 31, we require at least two business days notice.

Your Responsibilities

A locate form signed by Manitoba Hydro's locator MUST be obtained prior to excavation, and specific instructions on the form must be followed. If work has not started within 10 days after the locate was completed, you must again notify us to re-mark the work area and provide an updated electric and/or natural gas facilities locate form. The locate form must be kept at the excavation site until the excavation and backfill are complete.

The location markings must be maintained and kept visible by the person or contractor doing the excavation. Be careful that site operators do not remove the line location markings. If the markings are obliterated, contact us to re-mark the work area.

Note: Manitoba Hydro only locates facilities that it owns and has no knowledge of or responsibility for privately-owned facilities. Electric conductors or gas pipes installed past the meter are owned privately by the property owner and, at times, are installed below ground before it enters the building. Outbuildings that are heated or have electrical power, wells, septic system pumps and hot tubs are other examples where privately-owned buried facilities may exist. In some instances there may be facilities before the meter that are owned by the customer such as: large ampacity, flat rate, or primary metered services.