Louie's Corner

Louie the Lightning Bug® makes learning about electrical and natural gas safety fun for kids.

Louie's Corner has craft ideas, games, and colouring pages you can print out to help kids learn about the dangers of electricity and how to play safe every day. Select an activity:

PDF of Louie's craft activities. PDF of Louie's colouring activities. PDF of Louie's games.

Spot the danger!

Share these safety tips with kids so they know how to be safe at home and outside. Print the entire Spot the Danger card set (PDF, 1.4 MB).

Louie warns about a hair dryer by the bathtub.
Louie warns about a shovel that may hit a natural gas line.
Louie inspects an outlet with too many items plugged in.
Louie warns people to stay in their car because of a downed power line.
Louie inspects a frayed cord on a toaster.
Louie inspects a damaged insulator on top of a hydro pole.
Louie warns a child to stay out of a substation.
Louie warns a child to keep fingers out of outlets.
Louie brings a bulb to put in a lamp.
Louie inspects a natural gas furnace for bad smells.