Frequently asked questions

Will Manitoba Hydro put up a wind turbine on my property?

No. Our focus is on larger generation projects. The responsibility to install alternative energy generators such as wind generation for example, is up to the customer. Customers interested in wind power generation should visit the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

Where can I obtain more information about customer-owned generation options?

We do not endorse any equipment suppliers. We suggest you contact the following associations for more information:

How much does it cost to connect a generation facility for the purposes of selling electricity?

Connection costs vary widely and depend on the extent to which a generation facility impacts the distribution system. We will meet with the customer to discuss the project prior to requiring payment of an interconnection study fee.

In addition to the study fee, the customer will also be responsible for the cost of the interconnection protection equipment and any additional equipment installations required to support the generator. We will have a preliminary meeting with the customer before study money is invested.

Does Manitoba Hydro offer any rebates to homeowners for the installation of onsite renewable customer-owned generation sources?

Not at this time. However, check with the Federal Government for incentives.

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Note of caution: Our experience shows that smaller power projects can be costly to set up and operate. You should evaluate the amount of energy you expect to produce and the economics of the project to determine your overall cost of electricity.