Renewable energy

Renewable energy is electricity that is produced from cleaner resources, including the sun, wind, water and organic matter. Renewable energy sources are readily replenished by nature and are a cleaner source of energy. They are often referred to as emerging energy technologies.

In recent years, the cost of emerging energy technology has decreased to the extent that even retailers are offering complete packages for residential solar or wind production. Investigate your options. Information is available from a range of sources, including renewable energy associations, consultants and vendors, as well as from some farm supply and hardware stores. A qualified supplier will be your key source of information about the most suitable option for you.

If you’re in an urban setting for example, a solar array may work best since wind turbines may not be permitted given space requirements and local zoning bylaws. Wind and run-of-river water energy are options in rural locations. And if you live on a farm, you may also be able to consider agricultural biomass.

Customers interested in wind power generation should visit the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

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