Photo of a young lake sturgeon.


We associate environmental protection with our large-scale capital projects as well as the work of staff whose time is fully dedicated to our environmental protection and monitoring programs, climate change initiatives, Power Smart programs, energy efficiency initiatives, environmental research and development, environmental partnership initiatives, or implementation of agreements that address project effects.

We are active with the Manitoba Education for Sustainable Development Working Group and are partners in these programs:

We adopted a sustainable development policy based on the principles and guidelines of sustainable development adopted by the Manitoba Round Table on Environment and Economy.

Read our 2014–2015 Sustainable Development Report (PDF, 2.5 MB).

Read our 2013–2014 Sustainable Development Report (PDF, 2 MB).

For copies of previous reports, as well as comments or suggestions on how we may further enhance our efforts towards sustainability, contact us.


In recent years we have worked to reduce our environmental impact for future generations. Whether it is creating nests for the peregrine falcon on our hydro poles to reducing vehicle emissions, there are a wealth of stories here.

Research & development at Manitoba Hydro.