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Cutting Back on Ozone Depleting Substances

Manitoba Hydro has become increasingly active in reducing and controlling its use of ozone depleting substances, in keeping with Environment Canada's National Action Plan (NAP) for controlling Ozone Depleting Substances and their Halocarbon Alternatives.

The NAP, which took effect in 1998, identifies tasks needed to ensure that consistent, progressive actions take place to control all aspects of pollution prevention, and all industries using ozone-depleting substances and their halocarbon alternatives.


We have taken steps, where practical, to replace solvent products with non-ozone-depleting alternatives.


As ozone depleting substances containing refrigeration systems come up for major overhaul or replacement, the systems will be replaced with approved alternative refrigerants that contain non-ozone depleting substances.

Halon 1301

Halon 1301 is used in fire suppression systems, in key locations that house essential electrical equipment. The gas is effective in extinguishing fires, because it interrupts the chemical chain reaction and leaves no residue.

Halon 1211

Halon 1211 was used in hand-held portable fire extinguishers. In 1993, Manitoba Hydro removed Halon 1211 portable extinguishers from all areas, except those deemed critical for continuing operations requiring a multipurpose clean fire extinguishing agent.

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