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The following publications present a variety of environmental information, from details of projects and programs, to policy statements and material of general environmental interest.

For information on obtaining a printed copy of a report, contact us.

To download/view online:

  • Hydropower in Canada: Past Present and Future
    Updated 2008, 24 pages
    A publication of the Canadian Hydropower Association.
  • Vegetation Management Practices
    Updated 2007, 16 pages
    In operating and maintaining our major transmission line system, we must manage the vegetation that grows under the transmission lines and in the transmission stations. This publication provides background information and a general understanding of our vegetation management practices.
  • Sustainable Development Reports
    Provides overview of Manitoba Hydro's efforts to apply the principles of sustainable development in our day-to-day plans and programs.
  • Shorelines, Shorelands, and Wetlands. A Guide to Riparian Ecosystem Protection at Manitoba Hydro Facilities.
    Updated 2001, 107 pages
    Provides an ecological description of shoreline areas, a review of existing environmental protection practices at Manitoba Hydro facilities, and a process for determining appropriate protection methods.
  • Fur, Feathers, and Transmission Lines. How Rights of Ways Affect Wildlife. Second edition.
    English updated 1995, 65 pages
    Oji-Cree updated 1995, 65 pages
    Non-technical overview of the positive and negative impacts of transmission lines on wildlife in the province.

To order:

  • Safeguarding Our Natural Heritage – A history of growing environmental awareness at Manitoba Hydro
    August 2001
    Stories from showing some of the ways and means that Manitoba Hydro tries to protect the electrical system and the environment.