What to ask your solar contractor

Know which questions to ask your solar contractor in order to find the best contractor and solar PV system for you. These questions will help you determine the best course of action for you:

  • What is your company’s experience in installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Manitoba? Can you provide a list of past customers as references?
  • Will the project be performed by your own employees or by subcontractors? If subcontractors will be used, can you provide their names/contact information?
  • What kinds of qualification do your installers have for installation of solar PV systems (for example, safety regulations, licensing, and certification requirements)?
  • Is your company accredited and rated by the Better Business Bureau? What is your current rating and how many complaints have there been against your company?
  • Are there any threatened or active lawsuits against your company or any of your installers? Have there been any legal judgments against your company or your installers?
  • In addition to the installation of PV systems, what other services do you provide? What are the costs of these services?
  • How will you assess my property for a PV system? Will you provide all the necessary pre-requisite upgrades that I need (e.g. to my roof or electrical system)? How will you ensure that the system is designed and installed optimally for my property (e.g. location and orientation of the system)?
  • What is the full cost of the total installation, including miscellaneous equipment, permit and interconnection fees?
  • Does my municipality require a building permit for the solar PV project?
  • What are the ongoing operating and maintenance activities and costs I can expect and who will be responsible for them?
  • Will you provide me with payback calculations for my investment for this project? What factors are taken into consideration when calculating the payback period of this project?
  • What warranties do you provide on your labour and products?
  • What insurance do you have to cover any damage to my property or injury?