Over 99 per cent of the electricity generated in Manitoba is from renewable sources with nearly 96 per cent coming from the power of running water at 15 hydroelectric generating stations on the Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Laurie, Burntwood and Nelson rivers. This clean, self-renewing resource provides some of the lowest cost electricity in the world.

Renewable power is also produced by 2 independently-owned wind farms. In an average year, less than 2 per cent of the province’s electricity needs are met using 2 thermal generating stations, 4 remote diesel generating stations and imports of purchased power.

In addition to developing its hydroelectric generating stations, Manitoba Hydro built the Churchill River Diversion and the Lake Winnipeg Regulation Project. These engineering works have enhanced the ability of the 3 largest generating stations on the Nelson River to produce electricity, and have provided flood control and low-water level support on Lake Winnipeg, the province’s largest lake.

We undertake numerous projects to enhance and protect fisheries resources in areas affected by its developments. Projects range from monitoring, research, and modelling, to inventories, protection measures, and planning initiatives.