Energy Matters – January 2017

Included with this month’s Energy Matters:

Power Smart tip

Install aerators on kitchen and bathroom faucets to reduce water use.

Charities, environment and you benefit by signing up for paperless billing

Manitoba Hydro will donate $5 to one of five charities when you sign up for MyBill before March 31, 2017.

The promotion allows each customer to choose which local charity will get the donation when they register with Manitoba Hydro’s secure, on-line bill management system.

The five charities are:

  • Canadian Diabetes Association;
  • CancerCare Foundation Manitoba;
  • Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba;
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba;
  • United Way of Winnipeg.

“The current promotion just adds one more reason why customers should sign up for MyBill – charities will now also benefit,“ said Lloyd Kuczek, Vice-President of Customer Care & Energy Conservation for Manitoba Hydro. “Signing up for MyBill offers customers many benefits: convenience, access to their historical billing information, comparison to last year’s bills, information on temperatures, and an opportunity to do their part in making Manitoba a more sustainable province.”

Donations are made possible through a reduction in costs to Manitoba Hydro related to printing, postage and administration of monthly paper bills. Besides the dollar savings, the environment benefits because less paper and ink is used, reducing waste.

Kuczek said a major benefit of MyBill is that customers can easily manage their payments whenever they like, including multiple bills such as home, cottage and business all under one on-line account.

Unlike a traditional paper bill, MyBill also offers customers a two-year comparison of bills, payments, loans and energy consumption.

Customers also have the option to receive an email notification when a bill is ready to view and a payment is required, reducing the possibility of missing a bill payment.

Meter readings can also be submitted by customers through MyBill, and customers can also choose to receive email notifications for meter readings during months where consumption is estimated. Providing an actual meter reading on those months will ensure bills are consistent with actual consumption.

“We know customers enjoy the benefits MyBill offers,“ Kuczek said. ”More than 90 per cent of customers who’ve signed up for MyBill don’t go back to paper bills.”

Today, over 108,000 customers enjoy the confidence and benefits offered through MyBill to manage their accounts.

Kuczek added MyBill allows customers to pay their bills either through their own financial institution each month, through pre-authorized payments on the bill’s due date and/or paid in equal monthly installments.

Pay it forward. Sign up to manage your account online and Manitoba Hydro will donate $5 to charity.

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What’s a pole fire?

Fires on top of wood hydro poles are a common cause of electrical outages in Manitoba. They most often occur in the spring, but can happen at any time of year.

Why do pole top fires happen?

Insulators, typically made of porcelain and polymer, are used to attach electric power lines to wood distribution poles. Dirt and grime can build up on these insulators throughout the year.

The build-up can be worse in the winter before the first big spring rain helps to clean the insulators and restore their insulation properties.

In short, when an insulator fails, the electric current looks for the easiest path to ground which in most cases is the wood pole.

Dense fog, light rain, or light, wet snow can all provide the right conditions for a pole fire.

Sometimes the pole may burn through, leaving the top of the pole, cross-arms and insulators suspended by the power lines. Power lines can also break from the weight.

If you see a pole on fire, call 911.

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Open Access Resource Centre

The Open Access Resource Centre is committed to improving the lives of Manitobans with speech challenges through the use of communication devices.

Do you or someone you know need our help? Try out a speech-generating device and different apps for 10 weeks – FREE! Training and resources are available. Visit the Open Access Resource Centre website to learn more.

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