Energy Matters – August 2017

Included with this month’s Energy Matters:

Power Smart tip

Look for the ENERGY STAR symbol when buying a new appliance. They are 30 to 50% more efficient than standard models.

Strengthening reliability in southern Manitoba

Our province is growing faster than the national average and southern Manitoba is leading the way, according to the recent federal Census.

This means Manitoba Hydro’s transmission system needs to grow, too.

Manitoba Hydro is building a new transmission line and a new substation to make sure our customers in south-central and south-east Manitoba have sustainable electricity they can count on.

The St. Vital–to–Letellier Transmission Project is a 118-kilometre transmission line from Winnipeg to Letellier Station, just outside of Letellier.

And pending regulatory approval, the proposed Stony Brook substation near Kleefeld will help supply our customers in the region with reliable power for years to come.

“Southern Manitoba is seeing a population boom,” said Manitoba Hydro President and CEO Kelvin Shepherd. “These system upgrades will ensure we can continue to deliver reliable electricity and support that growth and economic prosperity for our customers.”

The two projects designed to meet demand in southern Manitoba are:

St. Vital to Letellier Transmission Project

The 230,000-volt St. Vital-to-Letellier transmission line will increase the electricity supply to south-central and south-east Manitoba. It will replace the existing 115,000-volt line to meet growing demand.

Construction is anticipated to start in the summer of 2019 with completion in 2020.

Stony Brook1 Station

The proposed substation near Kleefeld will improve electrical service to homes, farms and businesses in south-east Manitoba.

It will be located on land owned by Manitoba Hydro about three kilometres east of the junction of Highways 59 and 52.

Manitoba Hydro is currently in discussion with local municipalities, Indigenous communities, area stakeholders and the public about the project.

Pending approval, construction will begin in 2018 with an in-service date of 2020.

1Based on feedback during the public engagement process, Stony Brook Station was renamed De Salaberry East Station in September 2017.

A picture’s worth a thousand words for Click Before You Dig

Manitoba’s underground natural gas and electrical line locate system now requires an image identifying the excavation area to be submitted before any digging begins.

Click Before You Dig says by including a picture of the work area, the efficiency of locating underground pipes and cables is improved and the risk of damage during excavation is decreased.

Attachments can be:

  • a hand-drawn sketch using the online mapping tool; and/or;
  • an uploaded image (BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG) or PDF file.

A full written description of the dig area is still required to process a customer request – attachments and maps supplement the information on the ticket, not replace it.

Click Before You Dig also offers a live chat option during business hours for customers to ask questions about the submission process. To start using live chat, click the chat box in the bottom right hand corner of the Click Before You Dig web page.

Click Before You Dig was introduced last year to make it easier for homeowners and excavators to have underground line locates done in advance of projects big and small — everything from street renewal projects to building a deck or planting a tree.

In Manitoba, The Gas Pipe Line Act requires all lines to be marked and located prior to excavating beyond 15 centimetres in depth.

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Keep your cool. Plug in safely

Are you using a window or room air conditioner to keep cool?

Never use a portable air conditioner with an extension cord. An air conditioner is a heavy energy user. Extension cords are not designed to handle such a heavy load. They can overheat and cause a fire.

Rather than using an extension cord, have an electrician install a new outlet for your portable air conditioner.

To get the maximum benefit, choose an air conditioner that is exactly the size you need. If it’s too small, it won’t cool adequately on hot days. If it’s too big, it may switch on and off without cooling your room uniformly or dehumidifying the space properly. It will also use more energy and cost more to operate.

Also select the warmest temperature setting that allows you to remain comfortable. And keep your blinds and curtains drawn during the day to limit heat gain.

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Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts

The Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts is more than a music school—it’s a community where we embrace and nurture the musical spirit of children, youth and adults from beginners to professionals. Centrally located in Bryce Hall at the University of Winnipeg, the Conservatory offers individual and group lessons, music appreciation courses, workshops, seminars and community outreach programs. Join us to (re)discover your passion for music! Whether you play, sing, write or listen… we have something for everyone! Find us on the Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts website or contact 204-988-7650 or

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