NFAT review

The Manitoba Hydro Act requires the provincial government to approve any development of new generating stations, transmission interconnections, or power exports and imports.

An Needs For and Alternatives To (NFAT) review process, conducted by the Public Utilities Board, examined the "needs-for-and-alternatives-to" our development plan. The PUB's report was provided to the Province in June.

News Release – July 2, 2014: Province Releases Public Utilities Board Report on Manitoba Hydro's Preferred Development Plan.

Based on the PUB's recommendations, the Manitoba Government:

The Manitoba Government also requested a stronger business case for the Conawapa Project, with pre-construction expenditures frozen as work continues to secure additional export power sales.

As per the Terms of Reference, the NFAT panel reviewed and assessed:

  1. "Whether the needs for Hydro's Plan are thoroughly justified, and sound, its timing is warranted, and the factors that Hydro is relying upon to prove its needs are complete, reasonable and accurate."
  2. "Whether the Plan is justified as superior to potential alternatives that could fulfill the need."

The NFAT review panel included:

  • Regis Gosselin (PUB chair);
  • Marilyn Kapitany;
  • Larry Soldier;
  • Richard Bel;
  • Hugh Grant.

Key dates

In addition to the NFAT review and approval process, each individual generation and transmission project will be subject to the required regulatory and environmental approvals at both the federal and provincial levels, including:

  • Federal Fisheries Act;
  • Federal Navigable Waters Protection Act;
  • National Energy Board Approvals;
  • Manitoba Environment Act;
  • Manitoba Water Power Act;
  • Manitoba Hydro Act.
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