Morris Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline

Recent growth in the Morris area has made it necessary to expand the current natural gas capacity by installing an additional natural gas pipeline which will serve existing natural gas customers and meet the needs of future customers in the surrounding area.

The pipeline is now in service.

Project description

The Morris pipeline project includes:

  • A 4-inch natural gas pipeline installed approximately 4 km west of Letellier.
  • The new pipeline travels parallel to an existing natural gas pipeline 14.5 km north to St. Jean Baptiste where it connects with an existing 3-inch steel pipeline in the RM of Montcalm.
  • Existing above grade infrastructure, such as valves located near the Plum River, west of St. Jean Baptiste, were removed and replaced.


We have completed the construction of the natural gas pipeline and it is now operational.

We thank all those who participated in the public engagement process for the project.

All comment sheets, newsletters and storyboards presented at the open house and to interested stakeholders are available in the document library.