Public and Indigenous engagement

Feedback received from the public and Indigenous communities engagement process helped inform route selection and the environmental assessment.

We considered a number of factors in determining who to contact, including interest in the project and proximity to the study area. Based on these factors, we shared information with the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) and 4 First Nations.

Public and Indigenous communities engagement goals for the Northwest Winnipeg Natural Gas Project:

  • share information as it becomes available;
  • obtain feedback for use in the assessment process;
  • gather and understand local interests;
  • integrate interests and concerns into the assessment process;
  • discuss potential mitigation measures.

Opportunities were provided to share project information and understand local concerns through leadership meetings and community information sessions. The comments and concerns provided by participants to the project team were documented and reported in the Environmental Assessment Report.

Material presented through the Indigenous engagement process can be found in the document library.