Poplar Bluff Transmission Project

We received regulatory approval to construct the 230-kV transmission line connecting an existing transmission line located in the RM of Portage la Prairie to the future Roquette pea processing plant. Manitoba Sustainable Development issued an Environment Act Licence (Licence # 3230) on September 28, 2017. View the Manitoba Sustainable Development Public Registry.

The transmission line will travel from an existing line located southeast of Edwin, Manitoba (north of Long Plain First Nation) to the pea plant’s proposed location in the Popular Bluff Industrial Park, west of Portage la Prairie.


The anticipated Poplar Bluff Transmission Project schedule:

  • Public and Indigenous engagement: February to April 2017 (completed);
  • Environmental assessment filed with regulators: June 2017 (completed);
  • Regulatory decision: approval received September 2017;
  • Preliminary activities (e.g. soil testing, surveys): fall 2017
  • Construction: fall/winter of 2018/2019;
  • In service: 2019.

Environmental assessment

The project is classified as a Class 2 Project under The Environment Act. An environmental assessment (EA) report was submitted to the Environmental Approvals Branch of Manitoba Sustainable Development for review and approval was received on September 28, 2017.

The EA report for the project includes:

  • a description of the project, through construction, operation, and maintenance;
  • a study area characterization;
  • an outline of the public and Indigenous engagement processes, and the feedback received;
  • the identification and assessment of potential environmental and socio-economic effects; and
  • the development of mitigation measures to minimize potential effects on people and the environment.

Project materials presented (including the project newsletter and map) are available in the document library.