Tyndall Transmission

The proposed 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line and distribution supply centre (DSC) near Tyndall and Garson are needed to ensure a reliable electrical supply to these communities and prevent extended outages during peak load conditions.

An Environment Act Licence was received May 2014 (Licence 3103). Construction has been ongoing and the transmission line and DSC are scheduled to be in service in 2016. View the Environment Act Licence on the Government of Manitoba website.

Project description

The proposed Tyndall 115-kV transmission line and DSC are located in the rural municipalities of St. Clements and Brokenhead, north of Provincial Trunk Highway 44.

The Tyndall Transmission Project includes:

  • Construction of a distribution supply centre (DSC), located between the communities of Tyndall and Garson.
  • Installation of approximately 9 km of 115-kV transmission line which will run from the proposed tapping location on the Transcona to Selkirk transmission line to the proposed DSC.

The Tyndall DSC will facilitate decommissioning of Garson Station.


The Tyndall Transmission Project timing is subject to change and is dependent on the issuance of a Class 2 development licence under The Environment Act (Manitoba).

  • Round 1: March 2013 (completed).
  • Round 2: April 2013 (completed).
  • Preferred route: June 2013 (completed).
  • Environmental assessment submission: January 2014 (completed).
  • Construction: 2015 to 2016.
  • In service date: 2016.

Project status

Construction of the transmission line connecting the new distribution supply centre is ongoing. Construction includes:

  • completing site cleanup;
  • stringing new conductor (wire) and using implosion sleeves.

Along with this transmission line work, we will also be complete the distribution supply centre and make local improvements to the 12-kV electrical distribution system.

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Using implosion sleeves to splice conductor

When new conductor is strung, implosion sleeves are used to join lengths of wire. These implosion sleeves create a small explosion and anyone nearby may hear a loud bang, similar to a shotgun blast.

Play video: Using implosion sleeves to splice conductor - Manitoba Hydro. (2:40)

All comment sheets, newsletters and storyboards presented at the open house and to interested stakeholders are available in the document library.