St. Vital station expansion

Photo of the St. Vital distribution station.

379 Lagimodiere Boulevard.
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The reconstruction and expansion of the existing St. Vital Distribution Station is required to improve system reliability and supply the growing demand in the local area. This project will be built on existing Manitoba Hydro land, and will include expansion of the station yard, installation of new equipment, and the reconnection of the feeder lines.

This project is required as the current 2 transformers in the station cannot handle any increase in load due to the growth in the area. As well, safety improvements are required with the aging equipment to protect operational staff.

As part of this project, the following work will be completed:

  • expand the fenced yard;
  • relocate the distribution equipment to the newly expanded yard;
  • replace the existing 2 transformers with 3 new transformers;
  • add a capacitor bank to mitigate low voltage conditions for customers;
  • construct a new control building;
  • reconnect feeder lines to the new equipment;
  • provide for further future expansion.

The St. Vital station contains both transmission and distribution equipment areas in the station yard. This project will only be replacing the distribution equipment. No work will be done on the transmission equipment.

Construction work on the $51.3 million project is scheduled to start in the spring of 2016 and continue to the spring of 2018.

During construction, there will be tree removal on Manitoba Hydro property to make room for the station yard expansion. There may be some traffic delays and disruptions as equipment is moved in and out of the station and the underground distribution system is connected to the new equipment. General construction noise can be expected for the duration of the project. Additionally, there will be short-term power outages as the new equipment is connected into the overall power system. These power outages will be planned in advance and we will attempt to contact affected customers in advance.