Feasibility study

We must approve your Feasibility Study Application (PDF, 166 KB) before the feasibility study can take place. Financial assistance is not provided if the feasibility study or project has started without our approval.

For qualifying feasibility studies, we provide assistance up to 50 per cent of the first $5,000 and up to 25 per cent of the remaining portion, to a maximum incentive of $10,000.

All feasibility studies must be completed in accordance with the Feasibility Study Agreement (PDF, 169 KB).

A professional engineer or architect, who is registered to practice in Manitoba, must complete a feasibility study of your project (PDF, 217 KB). The study should estimate the cost, savings, and economics of incorporating the custom measure (including the combined and interactive costs and savings of the measure on all energy sources, water/sewer, maintenance and labour costs, etc.). Find an engineer or architect.

Applying for incentives.

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