Eco-efficiency Solutions Program

Manitoba’s industrial sector is facing greater competition as the economy becomes more globalized. Our Power Smart Eco-efficiency Solutions Program seeks to make our industrial sector more competitive while ensuring a high level of environmental quality for present and future generations of Manitobans.

This unique program was developed to provide businesses with the technical expertise and financial assistance they need to identify and improvements to:

  • optimize processes;
  • reduce operating costs;
  • minimize environmental effects.

What is eco-efficiency?

Eco-efficiency can be described as the effective use of material and natural resources in processes that maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impacts.

Businesses that focus on eco-efficiency improve their competitiveness and profitability by reducing energy consumption, solid waste, wastewater, and greenhouse gas and air emissions.

How to take part

The program uses a 3-step process to help industrial customers improve productivity and save energy.


One of our energy system experts visits your plant and conducts a walk-through of your operation to assess project opportunities.

The assessment takes into account the impact of prospective projects on saving energy while reducing water use and the generation of wastewater, greenhouse gases, and solid waste.

You receive a follow-up letter summarizing the benefits of potential opportunities identified by the assessment.


If project opportunities prove attractive, you will need to hire an engineering consultant to prepare a detailed assessment report. The report will identify the best projects to tackle in light of cost savings, pay back, and environmental benefits.


An energy systems expert will review the consultant’s report with you and discuss how to put its recommendations into effect. The expert and Program staff will also work with you to identify and apply for any financial support that could be made available to help implement projects.

Once the projects and the funding support are defined, you are ready to go ahead with projects that improve your economic competitiveness and environmental performance.

To take part, contact us.