ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager

The ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager is a free, online energy benchmarking system that provides accurate and equitable building energy data and offers a number of advantages to the buildings sector. It uses actual building energy data derived from Natural Resources Canada's Survey of Commercial and Institutional Energy Use rather than a static model, the data is updated regularly.

View the Survey of Commercial and Institutional Energy Use on the NRCan website.


  • Reflects the Canadian climate and provides more realistic assessments of Canadian building performance. It also facilitates cross-border comparisons for organizations with holdings in both Canada and the United States.
  • Portfolio Manager is considered the standard for building energy benchmarking in the U.S., and an increasing number of Canadian stakeholders have also endorsed it.
  • If you're already benchmarking using another system, you can still benefit from the standard national data and comparisons offered by Portfolio Manager.
  • All types of commercial and institutional buildings can use Portfolio Manager to track energy use over time. 6 types of buildings in Canada can receive Canadian-specific 1-100 ENERGY STAR® scores, but more than 80 other types of buildings can also benchmark against national energy use intensity values. New Canadian scores for other building types will be added on a progressive basis.
  • It's useful for existing buildings and design projects.

Create an account in Portfolio Manager

All you need to get started is your Manitoba Hydro account and meter number(s), and basic building data.

Visit the ENERGY STAR® website to create your account.

Manitoba Hydro offers a free service that automatically uploads current and historical energy consumption data directly to your account.

Use this guide to set up this free service: Getting Started in Portfolio Manager (PDF, 170 KB).

Access your Portfolio Manager account

Visit the ENERGY STAR® website to log in into Portfolio Manager.

For questions about setting up automatic data upload, contact us.