Kitchen Appliances Program

Food service facilities are some of the most energy intensive establishments in the commercial sector in Manitoba. Approximately 30 per cent of this energy is consumed by the appliances used in food preparation.

When replacing or buying new kitchen appliances look for ENERGY STAR®-certified or high efficiency appliances to help lower your energy and operating costs, improve cooking performance, and reduce environmental impact. Your business may also qualify for incentives on select appliances and/or free pre-rinse spray valves.


There are more than 15 different incentives available for energy efficient commercial refrigeration technologies.

Qualifying customers can receive free low-flow spray valves, installed free of charge. Your business can save over $500 each year on water and heating costs with low-flow spray valves.

Upgrade to ENERGY STAR® certified commercial steamers and natural gas fryers and you could receive rebates:


  • use less electricity and natural gas to run each appliance;
  • connectionless steamers eliminates the need for drain pipe and water supply, saving water as a result;
  • advanced heat exchangers allow for more even cooking;
  • higher production rates offer faster heat recovery times;
  • conserve energy and water resources.
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