Locate your business in Manitoba

More and more world-class companies are experiencing continued success by being located in Manitoba, Canada. Along with other important site location factors, many companies have also discovered Manitoba's energy advantage:

Our key industry sectors are an integral part of Manitoba's diverse and stable economy:

  • aerospace;
  • agribusiness;
  • biotechnology and life sciences;
  • building products;
  • customer contact centres;
  • financial services;
  • information and communications technology;
  • media;
  • mining, minerals and petroleum;
  • transportation equipment;
  • wood products.

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"We have a partner in Manitoba Hydro that is able to come to the table with diagnostics and knowledge, where they can effectively be a partner in the development of technology. It's spectacular."
Paul Soubry President and CEO, New Flyer, Winnipeg MB Canada

"Manitoba Hydro and Power Smart have been a partner right throughout the design process. By working with the team, we've been able to move from 47 per cent efficiency in the boiler process to 97 per cent efficiency. Being environmentally responsible is an important part of being a vital member of our community."
Barry Rempel, President and CEO, Winnipeg Airports Authority

"The power provided through Manitoba Hydro is renewable, affordable, and reliable and those are very important in our efforts. It's about economic development and job creation for Manitobans, right here in our province."
Diane Gray, President and CEO, CentrePort CANADA

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