Parking Lot Controllers Program

Parking lot controllers are electronic devices that control the amount of electricity going to an outdoor plug that serves a vehicle block heater and interior warmer. They can reduce electricity costs by up to 50% while ensuring trouble-free starts for tenants, staff, and guests. They save energy by automatically adjusting the length of time that electricity is provided to the car plugs, depending on outside temperatures.

Above −5°C, outlets typically receive no electricity. As the temperature drops, electricity is progressively delivered for longer periods of time. Once the temperature drops (usually between −20°C to −30°C), the power stays on all the time. Plug power is controlled by electronic circuitry built into the receptacle or by a central controller and contactors connected to the central breaker panel.


  • lower energy bills;
  • less energy use;
  • lower operating costs;
  • ensure trouble-free starts for tenants, staff, and guests.


This program ended March 31, 2017. If your application was received by March 31, 2017 and pre-approved, you have until March 31, 2018 to complete the projects and submit the completion documentation.

You must have received authorization before you purchased or installed any measure.

  • Your application was received by March 31, 2017 and pre-approved.
  • Install your energy efficient measures.
  • Submit your completion documents:
  • We will arrange a post-inspection walkthrough.
  • We will mail you an incentive cheque.

Review our Product Specification Guide (PDF, 800 KB) to ensure you’re installing a qualifying product. For more information, contact us.

Manitoba Electrical Code requirements

All parking lot controller installations must meet Manitoba Electrical Code (PDF, 534 KB) requirements:

  • An electrical permit is required for every electrical installation.*
  • You must provide a copy of the Certificate of Inspection (within Winnipeg) or Certificate of Approval (outside Winnipeg) along with the Commercial Parking Lot Controller Program’s Completion Declaration and Completion Questionnaire. These certificates cannot be issued for an annual permit. Annual permits cannot be used to apply for the Commercial Parking Lot Controller Program.

*A separate permit is required for each installation address or location. For example, a business with 3 separate offices that are undergoing parking lot controller installations requires 3 separate electrical permits.

For more information, contact us.