Refrigeration Program

Grocery stores, retail stores, and restaurants use significant amounts of energy for refrigeration. A grocery store’s refrigeration can account for more than 50% of the electricity bill. We promote energy efficient equipment upgrades and low-cost and no-cost operation and maintenance measures through our Refrigeration Program. These measures will help you save energy and money.

Renovations to grocery stores, convenience stores, and restaurants are common projects that are ideal for the Refrigeration Program.


  • lower energy bills;
  • increased profitability and competitiveness;
  • lower operating costs;
  • increased comfort in refrigeration aisles for both customer and employees;
  • reduced product spoilage;
  • increased product life;
  • lower maintenance costs;
  • extended equipment life;
  • less energy use, which helps conserve non-renewable resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Incentives and eligibility

We offer a variety of incentives (PDF, 114 KB) for energy efficient refrigeration technologies, typically resulting in average payback periods of 2.9 years. You can participate if your business uses commercial eligible refrigeration. To be eligible for incentives, you must:

  • be a Manitoba Hydro customer eligible for the General Service electricity rate;
  • be the end user of the refrigeration equipment (i.e. not a vendor, manufacturer, or installer);
  • use the refrigeration equipment in a commercial capacity and not a residential (e.g. individual apartment suites, hotel rooms, senior citizen housing units);
  • remain a customer of Manitoba Hydro for a minimum of 3 years after the date of the incentive payment.

How to take part

Select the energy efficient commercial refrigeration products that you want to install.

  • submit your completed Commercial Refrigeration Program Application (PDF, 441 KB);
  • your application is pre-approved by Manitoba Hydro (pre-approval is not required for evaporator efficiency controls);
  • install your energy efficient measures;
  • submit your completed documentation:
    • Completion Declaration and Questionnaire;
    • itemized invoices;
    • copy of Certificate of Approval/electrical inspection (if applicable).
  • post-inspection walk-through is arranged by Manitoba Hydro;
  • incentive cheque is mailed to you, or your vendor or installer.

Itemized invoices are required. Request these from your vendor, manufacturer, installer, or contractor. All material costs must be listed separately from labour and taxes. Only one application is required for all installations at a single location.

For more information, email Power Smart for Business or call 204-360-3676.