Religious buildings initiative

Energy consumption in religious facilities is directly related to the range of activities that take place within the facility. Community programs, day care operations, and attached residences can add to energy costs. We provide religious facilities with information, expertise, and financial support to reduce their energy costs.

Energy efficient practices and improved operational efficiencies are powerful tools in lowering energy costs. By improving the energy efficiency of building and designing new structures to Power Smart standards, long-term solutions to energy costs can be achieved.

We offer an audit that compares your facility to other similar facilities, and a low-interest loan to assist customers in carrying out the recommendations identified in the building assessments.

All religious buildings are eligible to apply for Power Smart for Business programs. To qualify for financial incentives, we must pre-approve each project prior to any equipment or materials being purchased or installed.

Read more in our Energy Efficiency Guide for Religious Buildings (PDF, 639 KB).

Low-interest loan

We offer a low-interest loan to assist religious building customers with the cost of building assessments and the implementation of appropriate Power Smart energy improvements. The loan is offered at an annual interest rate of 5.5 per cent and is subject to change. The monthly payments are incorporated into the facility's energy bill.

  • for facilities with combined annual natural gas and electricity bills of less than $10,000, the maximum amount of the loan will be $15,000 per facility;
  • for facilities with combined annual natural gas and electricity bills exceeding $10,000, the maximum amount of the loan will be $30,000 per facility.

All improvements must be made to existing Power Smart commercial program standards in order to qualify. Renovations can be done by the religious organization or a hired contractor.

Financing information

Up to $15,000 is available without an energy audit, or up to $30,000 with an energy audit, depending on your energy bills.

  • the minimum loan is $500;
  • the maximum term is 120 months (10 years);
  • the minimum monthly payment is $15;
  • no down payment is required.

Situations outside these parameters, or where financing in excess of $30,000 is required, will be considered on an individual basis.

If owners undertake their own renovation work, the loan can only be used to cover the purchase of materials and cannot include charges for the owners' or volunteer labour.


  • the applicant must be a Manitoba Hydro customer and own the religious building;
  • the applicant must have approved credit from Manitoba Hydro prior to proceeding with the work;
  • the building must be detached, semi-detached, or a mobile/modular building on a permanent location;
  • the building cannot be under construction or unoccupied;
  • building representatives must obtain any required permits;
  • all approved work must be completed within six months of the date of signing of the loan agreement.

Residences owned by the religious organization are not eligible for this loan. Projects in progress or already completed at the time we receive the loan application are not eligible for the loan.

When the work is completed, the original receipt and the completion certificate must be forwarded to Manitoba Hydro Commercial Programs.

We have the right to visit the building at any reasonable time from the date of the agreement until 24 months after installation of building improvements.

For more information, contact us.