Apartment buildings

Apartment building owners are now eligible to apply to our Affordable Energy Program. We will work with landlords or property managers to install basic energy efficiency items in apartment suites. Qualifying buildings will receive (per suite):

  • a 1.5 GPM kitchen faucet aerator;
  • 1.5 GPM bathroom faucet aerator(s);
  • up to 2, 1.5 GPM showerheads;
  • pipe wrap for hot water tanks (if required);
  • 4 LED bulbs;
  • electric socket safety caps;
  • electric socket draft stoppers; and
  • 1 window weatherization kit.

Tenants must meet our income levels. To determine if your apartment building qualifies, submit the per-unit income guideline documentation (e.g. mandate, lease agreement, tenant handbook etc.) that states the income guidelines for tenants. For example, tenants who pay “Rent Geared to Income” (RGI), where their monthly rent is a percentage of their total household income, may qualify for our program.

If you are a tenant living in an apartment building and would like to participate in this program, please have your landlord or property manager call 1-855-360-3643 for more information.

How to take part

A Landlord or property manager can get an application form by emailing their contact information, building addresses, and the number of units to the Affordable Energy Program. “Apartment building“ or ”MURB” must be in the subject line.

Return the completed application form:

Once approved, we will contact you to schedule the installation or delivery. Please advise your tenants the installations will be completed by a contractor of Manitoba Hydro. If basic energy efficiency items are delivered, a Manitoba Hydro representative will follow up with the landlord or property manager to ensure the items were installed.