Appliances & electronics

Buying energy efficient appliances

Be Power Smart and buy energy efficient appliances. The ENERGY STAR® symbol identifies models that ensure that they are among the most energy efficient in their class and do not compromise performance. ENERGY STAR® certified appliances are 10 to 50 per cent more efficient than conventional models. When you buy an appliance there are actually 2 price tags:

  • the cost of the appliance;
  • the cost of operating the appliance during its lifetime; consider this second price tag when purchasing your appliances.

Reducing electronics' power consumption

Electronics such as DVD players, televisions, alarm clocks, and cell phone chargers use power even when they are not being used. The continuous use of electricity is called standby power.

ENERGY STAR® certified electronics reduce standby power and are more efficient than standard electronics.

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Reduce Standby Power to Save Energy

Unplug appliances and use smart power bars to reduce standby power and save energy.

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