Energy evaluations

To get the most value for your renovation dollar, it is important to plan energy efficient home improvements. Our Home Comfort & Energy Assessment Report identifies how your home uses energy and provides you with suggestions on how to increase your home's energy efficiency to save energy and money.

To find out which improvements will save you the most energy, request a free Home Comfort & Energy Assessment Report. To complete the questionnaire, you are required to answer a variety of detailed questions about your home. The information from the questionnaire is combined with your home's energy usage history over the previous 12-month period to generate a customized report. This report provides recommendations on how to lower your energy consumption and save money on your energy bill. You will receive your Home Comfort & Energy Assessment Report in the mail in 3 to 4 weeks after completing the questionnaire.

You may complete a mail-in questionnaire for $19.99 plus GST. This charge is added to your energy bill.

Home Comfort & Energy Assessment Reports are not available for:

  • Customers that have not lived in their home for at least a year;
  • Cottages;
  • Apartments without their own electrical service;
  • Duplex buildings serviced by only one electrical service.

For more information or to request a mail-in questionnaire, contact us.