Customer Contribution Time Payment Plan

A customer with an approved credit rating can apply for financing for:

  • an individual service extension;
  • plant relocation;
  • or conversion from overhead to underground wiring facilities.

The plan is available to all customers under the following conditions:

  • the service extension or plant relocation is permanent;
  • the applicant is either:
    1. the property owner;
    2. the holder of a lease with a minimum of 10 unexpired years for property in a provincial or national park.

Financing information:

  • You can borrow up to $10,000 per property;
  • The minimum allowable loan amount is $500;
  • The maximum financing term is 10 years;
  • The minimum monthly payment is $15;
  • The current interest rate is 5.5% fixed for 5 years;
  • You must pre-arrange credit approval;
  • The loan is non-transferable and becomes due and payable when the house is sold.

Check with your local district office to see if your plans qualify.