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Basement to bathroom, small changes add up.

Be Power Smart and Save Energy This Fall

By installing Power Smart technologies, you can use less energy and save money. It's as easy as caulking and weatherstripping your doors and windows. If you are planning to replace your furnace before winter, book now and install a high-efficiency furnace. Here are some of our energy saving solutions that will help you save money:

Low-cost, No-cost, and Do-it-yourself Solutions

Small changes can make a big difference. Read some of our no-cost, low-cost tips to prevent air leakage in your home. Our how-to booklets and videos will guide you through do-it-yourself home energy efficiency improvements.



Thumbnail and link to Caulk and Seal Windows video

Caulk and Seal Windows

Running time (7:03)

Caulk and seal your windows to save energy and money. Learn which tools you’ll need and how to get started.

Play video: Caulk and Seal Windows.

Thumbnail and link to Insulate Basement Walls video

Insulate Basement Walls

Running time (7:12)

Learn how to install a wood frame, set up a moisture barrier, and finish with drywall.

Play video: Insulate Basement Walls.

Thumbnail and link to Install Door Weather Stripping video

Install Door Weather Stripping

Running time (4:10)

Learn how to weather strip your door properly to protect it against the elements and save money on your energy bill.

Play video: Install Door Weather Stripping.