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Savings, Rebates & Loans

If you are thinking of making changes to your home to make it more comfortable and energy efficient, we offer information, rebates, and financing to make it easy.

Read about savings, rebates, and loans for your business.

  • Affordable Energy Program
    Qualifying lower income households can become more energy efficient. Financing and free upgrades available.
  • Earth Power Loan
    • Geothermal Heat Pumps
      Borrow up to $20,000 with a maximum term of 15 years. Interest rate of 4.9 per cent (initial 5-year fixed term). Available for new installations and retrofits.
    • Solar Water Heaters
      Borrow up to $7,500 per residence; minimum loan is $500 and no down payment is required. Maximum term is 15 years. Interest rate is 4.9 per cent (for the initial 5-year fixed term).
  • Energy Finance Plan Loan
    Borrow up to $5,000. Interest rate of 6.75 per cent, with a maximum term of 5 years; minimum loan is $500 and no down payment is required.
  • Home Insulation Program
    Upgrade the insulation in your home to Power Smart levels and receive a rebate.
  • PAYS Financing
    Extended term financing for energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Power Smart and First Nations
    First Nations communities can save money while improving the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes with energy saving improvements and geothermal heat pump systems.
  • Power Smart Residential Loan
    Annual interest rate of 4.8 per cent (O.A.C.) and requires no down payment. The maximum term is 60 months (180 months for natural gas furnaces), and the minimum monthly payment is $15.
  • Refrigerator Retirement Program
    Retire your old fridge or freezer; it will be picked up for free and you receive $50.
  • Residential Propane and Oil Furnace/Boiler Replacement Program
    Replace your existing propane or oil furnace/boiler with a high-efficiency natural gas or electric furnace/boiler or a geothermal heating system and receive a $245 rebate.
  • Water & Energy Saver Program
    Save up to $30 a year with our Water and Energy Saver Kits. You will save water and energy while reducing your carbon footprint.