Generating your own electricity

Non-utility generation is electricity that you generate on your own within Manitoba through means other than Manitoba Hydro. We support existing and potential customers that install non-utility generation in Manitoba who may connect to our distribution system as long as proper procedures are followed.

The electricity that you generate can be used for your own needs and you can possibly sell us excess energy, depending on the type of generation. Excess energy is any electricity generated from non-utility generation greater than on-site load consumption.

For sale of electricity generated from non-utility generation greater than 200 kW, the purchase price paid for excess energy by Manitoba Hydro will be negotiated through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), based on your system specifications and a variety of other factors.

Project costs

We will meet with you to discuss your project before any studies or work will be done. You are responsible for the interconnection study fee if the project proceeds.

You are also responsible for the cost of the interconnection protection equipment and any other equipment installation to support your electricity generation. Connection costs vary widely and depend on how your generation impacts the distribution system.

Our experience shows that smaller non-utility generation projects can be costly to set up and operate. You should evaluate the amount of energy you expect to produce and the economics of the project to determine your overall cost of electricity.

Contact an Energy Services Advisor to discuss your project.

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