Commercial service application


Once we have received all of the required information below, we will prepare a contract in approximately 30 to 45 business days. It must be signed and returned with payment (if applicable).

The in-service date may be approximately 120 days after receipt of the signed contract and payment. A representative will be in contact with you during this time. We may be required to secure easement agreements from the owner (customer) before any plant can be installed on the project site. Additionally, we may require other approvals from/for utilities, railways, highways, waterways, etc. which may delay an in-service date.

Information required prior to work:

  • project name;
  • location of service (civic address);
  • legal business name applying for service;
  • customer name and mailing address for contract (legal name of customer/company who owns the building/lot and who will be responsible for issuing payment);
  • builder/electrical/mechanical contractor and/or consultant name and contact information;
  • requested in-service date;
  • current status of construction (consultation, design, foundation, walls up, etc.);
  • service size (in amps), requested voltage, and estimated demand (in kVA);
  • requested natural gas metering pressure;
  • overhead or underground electrical service;
  • non-linear load information;
  • estimated demand (in kVA);
  • PDF of single line diagram;
  • detailed electrical loading information (total motor load is insufficient);
  • itemized and future gas loads (Complete Natural Gas Load Summary (Excel, 17 KB));
  • AutoCAD files (.DWG), including a site plan, building layout, parking layout, sewer & water details, and grading.

For information about inspections, contact our Electrical Inspections Department.