Submit a meter reading

Your bill will be more accurate if your natural gas and electricity meters are read regularly.

Submit your meter reading.
Or you can call in your reading to 204-453-6712 (Winnipeg) or 1-800-652-4490 toll-free.

You should send or call in a meter reading if:

  • there is no access to your meter when a meter reader comes to read it;
  • you apply for the Equal Payment Plan (a meter reading is required with your application);
  • you are a self-read customer*;
  • your next reading is scheduled to be estimated and you prefer to be billed on an accurate reading*.

Remember to submit final and initial meter readings if you move.

* Check your bill's messages for the dates when you should submit your meter reading.

If you want to keep a paper record of your meter readings, print the meter reading record (PDF, 30 KB).

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