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Keeping you safe

Be safe when using a space heater

With more people at home, it’s vital to take care when using a space heater. If you must use a space heater as a temporary heat source, follow these safety tips to avoid potential shock and fire hazards.

Keep your home running safe and smoothly in winter

Manitoba Hydro crews work through extreme conditions to ensure you have reliable electric and natural gas service during the winter. Extreme wind chills, excessive snow and snowdrifts can block roads and generally make access to our equipment more difficult.

Space heaters – only for temporary use

A space heater can be a quick and easy way to warm up a room. But it can also pose a fire risk if not used correctly. Space heaters are also not intended as a permanent heat source, but only used as a temporary heat source in a home or garage.

More outages expected – be prepared

Trees are many things: living time capsules, air filters, decorations, places to play, and a distinctive and beautiful part of our province. They’re also a very common cause of power outages in Manitoba.

Safety tips for the 12 Days of Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like a colourful light display. But with all the glittering outdoor lights, inflatable yard decorations, and lights on your Christmas tree, there’s an increased risk of electrical hazards.

Flu or flue?

With the heating season upon us, the risk of carbon monoxide exposure increases. Carbon monoxide (CO) exposure is caused by faulty or improperly vented heating equipment. Anything that burns propane, heating oil, kerosene, coal and wood can cause dangerous levels of CO in your home and workplace if not properly vented.

Prevent electrical fires

Using electrical equipment safely can prevent the majority of electrical fires. Be sure you and your family practice the safe use of electricity to prevent an electrical fire happening in your home.