Kettle Generating Station

Photo of Kettle Generating Station

Built on the lower Nelson River, Kettle Generating Station is the second largest hydroelectric generating station in the province. Each of its 12 turbine generators (called units) is capable of producing approximately 103 MW for a combined capacity of 1,232 MW.

Kettle is located north of the 56th parallel, roughly 3 km upstream from the Canadian National Railway’s river crossing near the town of Gillam. The distance from Winnipeg to Kettle is over 700 km by air.


  • Located on Nelson River;
  • Construction completed 1974;
  • Cost $240 million;
  • Capacity 1,220 MW;
  • 12 generating units;
  • Transmission lines:
    • 138 kV AC to Radisson Converter Station;
    • ±450 kV DC to Winnipeg.
  • 36 intake gates, each measuring 5.9 metres by 13.2 metres (3 gates per unit);
  • Powerhouse 380 metres long, 60 metres wide, metres 56 metres high (downstream side);
  • 8 spillway gates, each measuring 11.4 metres by 14.4 metres.