Manitoba Hydro cautioning homeowners of suspicious door-to-door solicitors

February 24, 2016

Manitoba Hydro has recently received numerous reports from residential customers of people falsely claiming to be affiliated with the utility knocking on doors and insisting on checking furnaces inside the home.

Reports have been submitted to Manitoba Hydro from Winnipeg, Brandon and Selkirk.

The individuals involved request entry to the residence to inspect the homeowner’s furnace. They then offer to rent the homeowner a new furnace for 0 per cent financing and suggest that it could be added to their Manitoba Hydro bill.

Manitoba Hydro is not involved in such a program, and advises homeowners to deny entry.

Homeowners purchasing a new furnace should also get at least three quotes from reputable vendors so they can compare prices and service.

While Manitoba Hydro employees do go door-to-door periodically for various reasons, they always carry an official identification card with their name and photo. If someone asks to enter your home claiming to be with Manitoba Hydro, ask for their name and to see their ID card.

If you have any doubts about someone who claims to represent, or be affiliated with Manitoba Hydro, ask for the name of the person and the business and contact us at 1-888-624-9376 before allowing the individual into your home.

If you believe you have encountered, or are a victim of fraudulent solicitation, contact the Manitoba Consumer Protection Office at 1-800-782-0067, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501, or make a report to your local police department.

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For more information, please contact:
Scott Powell – Manager, Public Affairs, Manitoba Hydro