Publications library

We produce a number of annual, quarterly, and monthly publications about our business activities.

The items below are only available in print. If you would like a copy of an item listed below, email Corporate Communications.

  • Churchill River Diversion
    Discusses the history behind diverting the water from Churchill River into the Burntwood and Nelson rivers.
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Associated with the Use of Electric Power
    Provides easy-to-read information about electric and magnetic fields, plus practical suggestions to use to reduce exposures at home and work.
  • Lake Winnipeg Regulation
    Discusses the use of Lake Winnipeg as a natural reservoir and the construction of 3 channels and the Jenpeg Generating Station and control structure. Also discusses the water levels on the lake Manitoba Hydro’s regulation of these levels.
  • Transmission and distribution systems
    The development of high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission was one of the most important factors in helping Manitoba Hydro tap into the great hydroelectric potential of the Nelson and Churchill Rivers. What exactly is direct current (DC)? How does it differ from alternating current (AC)? How can AC be converted to DC and back again? These are just a few of the questions you’ll find answered in this brochure.