Grades 6 and 9 school tours

The Manitoba Electrical Museum & Education Centre is an educational experience for students in many subject areas at any grade level. In particular, museum tours can help teachers meet curriculum outcomes in Grade 6 and Grade 9 science.

Grade 6 tours

Guided tours align with nearly all outcomes in the Grade 6 Electricity unit.

Students will learn:

  • the history of hydroelectric development in Manitoba;
  • the importance of using electricity safely;
  • the impact of electricity on daily life;
  • current and static electricity;
  • electromagnetism;
  • insulators and conductors;
  • transformation of motion into electricity and electricity into motion;
  • renewable and non-renewable sources of energy;
  • energy consumption and conservation.

Grade 9 tours

Guided tours align with nearly all outcomes in the Grade 9 unit. Available in fall 2018.

Booking information

Please contact us with your transportation arrangements prior to booking your tour. We do not have a lunch facility. Please contact us to discuss options.

  • Book a minimum of 3 weeks in advance for guided tours, and for specific dates book as early as possible.
  • Book 1 week in advance for self-guided tours.
  • Maximum 60 students per booking. The students will be divided into 2 groups with different starting points for the first hour and switch for the second hour.
  • We require 5 business days notice for cancellations or rescheduling.

Buses can pull up to the front doors to drop off and pick up your students. If your booking is in the morning, the bus can stay in our parking lot. If your tour is in the afternoon and your bus needs a space to park, contact us.

Contact us at 204-360-7983.

Hours and rates

Tours are available Tuesday to Thursday between 9:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Allow 2 full hours for your visit.

Fee is $3 per student, payable by cheque to the Manitoba Electrical Museum Incorporated. There is no charge for teachers, support staff, and/or parent helpers.