Winter storm cleanup

We are working to clean up broken and damaged equipment, poles, transformers, overhead wires, and other materials that are still left over from the storm. We hope to have this clean up finished by mid-November. Call 911 immediately if you see downed lines.

Follow these guidelines to stay safe while we continue our cleanup efforts:

  • Power lines located in the South Central and Interlake areas were seriously damaged during the storm. Materials may be found in along roads, and may be next to, or on private property. Look out for damaged equipment in all areas of southern Manitoba.
  • Do not touch or approach a downed line, tower, or pole. It could be live and cause electrocution. Do not try to move any damaged materials. The wires and poles may be from the Thanksgiving storm or from a more recent event.
  • Some materials could be in areas that are more remote and could be a hazard to anyone riding off-road vehicles, or to cross country skiers and back country hikers.
  • Livestock producers or those with animals on their property should try to keep animals away from areas with downed power lines, broken poles, or damaged equipment to avoid injury or entanglement.
  • If there is poor weather such as a heavy snowfall before our work is finished, that could result in materials being left in areas over the winter months. Snowmobilers must use EXTREME CAUTION when riding in areas affected by this storm.


It takes a lot of people and planning to restore outages at this scale. See photos from the storm: damage, working conditions, and some of the many people who helped restore power after thousands of Manitobans lost it.

People of the October 2019 Storm Restoration